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You are on the right page for a holistic and natural care from our oriental medicine clinic! We have expertise in treating pain (shoulder pain for instance), skin problems (skin itchiness for instance), internal diseases (digestive system issues for instances), vision deterioration, hearing issues, and many other fields.

For children and those who do not like being needled, we have developed a holistic system to treat the conditions with non-invasion ways. We provide safe, comfortable, natural, and holistic type of care! One of our significant introduction to natural healing is to use a pain-free, non-invasive, and natural method, which is especially suited for children, to achieve healing objectives holistically, focusing on both symptoms and root-cause.

We use oriental medicine to treat soft-tissue and internal health issues, including but not limited to, pain, neck-and-shoulder discomfort, tennis elbow, sciatica, headache, tinnitus, breathing problems, allergies, psoriasis, digestive system issues, urinary system issues, gynecology, and men's problems.

Call Deng Acupuncture and Herb in Rocklin, CA to speak to someone at our acupuncture clinic. Let us treat any pain you are feeling and help you find relief immediately (for about 95% of the cases). Whether you're having hearing and vision issues, allergies, headaches issues in the front side of the torso (ie chest, breathing issues, digestive issues, lower abd issues, etc) arm and leg issues, joint problems, we are experts in Chinese and Korean medicine who can help!

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Why Choose Us

  • Dedicated to Customer Satisfaction. Patients see improvements immediately on a regular basis. For pain conditions, you don't pay us if we are unable to reduce the severity by half.
  • Family Acupuncture Clinic
  • Excellent Holistic Healing Methods